DePuy Neglects To Inform Users About The Risks Of DePuy Pinnacle Hip Replacement System

DePuy Pinnacle LawsuitA synthetic ball and socket device with the mechanism similar to the natural ball and socket joint every person has is surgically placed by doctors to the affected person's hip during hip replacement surgery, sometimes used with DePuy Pinnacle hip replacement device. The natural “ball” part of the joint sitting on top of the thighbone is replaced with a synthetic type which is made of metal stem with a metal bone on the top. Along with the metal ball as the “ball” of a real ball and socket joint, a plastic cup is lined along the socket of the original one, and together they comprise the synthetic hip replacement found on top of the thighbone. A new innovative idea was implemented where a metal socket was used to line the insides of the real socket instead of a plastic cup to make the hip replacement device become a more durable ball and socket joint.

The target consumer of the DePuy Pinnacle hip replacement device was largely the young generations who normally does not want their lives to end merely by an unfortunate body anomaly, thus they are more susceptible to be swayed by the claimed efficiency of the metal-on-metal hip replacement device. By 2003, DePuy Pinnacle hip replacement was welcomed with open arms and became popular, but the craze died slowly when claims and complaints about the device rose in numbers. Newly discovered risks involved with DePuy Pinnacle hip replacement involves a high occurrence of “metallosis”, a toxic level of heavy metal accumulating in a person's bloodstream. When metal-on-metal rub against each other, a mechanism usually happening with the Pinnacle hip replacement device, metal particles sloughed off the rubbed metals are dispersed to the surrounding tissues adjacent to the device and may permeate to the bloodstream.

If you had been surgically operated for hip replacement using DePuy hip replacement metal-on-metal device, look out for any symptoms of metal toxicity which guarantees you to seek early treatment and gain medical advice from a professional medical practitioner. Disorientation and body malaise are the usual symptoms of metal toxicity, but the effects can vary with each person. Always keep in mind that metal toxicity can occur to you especially if you had gone hip replacement surgery using DePuy Pinnacle hip replacement device. Consultation with a reliable lawyer specializing with cases like these should be done to set your case in motion immediately.

DePuy's manufacturer failed to give proper warnings regarding the Pinnacle hip replacement device's high risk of acquiring high levels of toxic heavy metals that is why the hip replacement device's recipients are ignorant about the dangers involved in using this. Consult you doctor regarding DePuy Pinnacle hip replacement device and don't hesitate to ask about the risks involved in using the device and practice your rights.

If you experienced body malaise, disorientation and some other body harmful experience caused by DePuy hip replacement device, keep in mind that you can have the right settlement you deserve by filing a DePuy Pinnacle lawsuit against its manufacturers. To file your case and acquire the just settlement you want, consult an adept lawyer for DePuy hip replacement cases now for free and get the just compensation you deserve.


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